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Sister Domine’ Trix

If you take the word Domine (which means teacher, or clergyman) and you add –trix (which makes it the female connected with a certain thing) you should get a female teacher or a female clergyman. But spoken it comes out Dominatrix (Dominator + -trix) and you get a dominant female partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.  […]

Sister Dinah Douche

“Sister Dinah Douche of the Immaculate Colonic” – Now with Soft, Flexible Comfortip. (patent pending) Use for occasional expiation of stigmatic guilt and promulgation of your universal joy. Rectal Use Only With steady pressure, gently insert Sister Dinah Douche of the Immaculate Colonic into your rectum with a slight side-to-side movement with the tip pointing […]

Sister Diana Nirvana

13 Powers of a Nun 1- Tie a knot and say the words The beginning of a worldwide organization originated in 1979 that brought forth young men to cross dress in habits from the musical Sound Of Music 2- or hand on head – the blessing conferred To put on the white face as a […]

Sister Daya Reckoning

Once (s)he was lost, but now (s)he’s found… Sister Daya Reckoning: Promulgating Universal Joy and Expiating Stigmatic Guilt since 2001   Contact Sister Daya Reckoning  

Sister Christiana Puregaëspella Metroform (Metro)

Cover Photo Credit: Jorchi Hernández Sister Metro arrived in Seattle in 2004 on the back of a Kosher apple truck. Armed with only a penetrating skeptic glare and a nose for charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, this fresh, rosy-cheeked nun soon found her way on Capitol Hill, arriving at the Abbey of St. Joan in mid-2009. […]

Sister Castrata Stigmata Banana Fana Fo Fata/Brother Otto Erotik

    Contact Sister Castrata Stigmata Banana Fana Fo Fata/Brother Otto Erotik

Sister Castaspella New, the Nun too Bewitched

…an excerpt from Sister Cass’s Book of Magic and Mystery! pg 69(of course) A spell to create a witch nun: Begin with a dream. Add good humor and wicked wit. Blend with lots of love and lots of laughter. Beat in some common sense and community awareness. Pour into a male mold and sprinkle with […]