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Sister MRSA Kitt


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    Active Board Fully Professed Mistress of Crap (, really!) Mistress of Novices Ordained Minister Prioress (President) Sisters

    Sister Christiana Puregaëspella Metroform (Metro)

    Cover Photo Credit: Jorchi Hernández

    Sister Metro arrived in Seattle in 2004 on the back of a Kosher apple truck. Armed with only a piercing sceptic glare and a nose for charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, this fresh, rosy-cheeked nun soon found her way on Capitol Hill, arriving at the Abbey of St. Joan in mid-2009. At first charming and congenial, then wise and…ummm…penetrating, she soon became part of the Abbey, ministering to the LGBT and Latino communities with quiet charm and humor.

     As Prioress, she serves as the president of the Abbey, and she is also currently serving as Mistress of Novices along with other titles within the Order.  This busy Nun sizes-up new recruits and instructs them with a firm but gentle hand, while leading events and ceremonies with jocular irreverence and severity.

    A denizen of exotic locales that serve strong drinks, hot men, and good conversation, she’ll switch from biting humor and ribaldry to patient kindness, indulging her flock’s need for a kind word or simply an attentive and non-judgmental ear. Partial to Otters, Capybaras, and Crows, but kind to all our Mother’s creatures, she’ll be sure to share a good story with a mischievous glint in her eye and spread Sister magic wherever she goes.


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