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Sister Babylon Anon

“Sister Babylon Anon. aka Father Devlin Sodomy, Gilda Lily and Gloria Holy Left San Jose as soon as she realized where she was. She picked up many tricks along the way (beauty secrets of course) and left behind several broken hearts. As a Rocky Horror addicted teen she encountered the Nuns in lashes and lipstick in San Francisco where they had an immediate impact and inspired her to join. Her first event was a kick off party for the “Play Fair” safe sex campaign where assisted by several kinky men she demonstrated “safe sleaze”. Things have come a long way since sex clubs in a catholic schoolgirl uniform. Her Big Sisters: Loganberry Frost, Penny Lane and Ivanna Manda Lei were her spiritual mothers and surviving the devastation AIDS had on our community would not have been possible without them. Her favorite thing about being a Sister is making people laugh”

— Sister Babylon Anon


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