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Sister Berna Bush

Hailing from the hills in the eastern-side of the Cascades, Bernadette Bush (Berna) grew up on the internet looking to the rainbow tinged city of the west, and under the watch of gaggles of Lesbians. After making scenes and dreaming big schemes, she gallivanted down to Portland, where she found this odd set of white-faced […]

Sister Pussywillow Wilchenot

Equal parts glitter and dirt, Sister Pussywillow Wilchenot’s piercing gaze only means she’s not wearing her glasses.  She’s the smallest member, your work-a-day-genderfucking-fem-trans nun, and if you ask just right…well, just be careful what you ask for. She’ll probably give it to you.   Contact Sister Pussywillow Wilchenot

Sister Nadia Ahnwilda

  Being raised in a progressive family, it took me several years to realize that the theory that people are people wasn’t a global view, just the one I had been raised with. My family had friends who were mixed race couples, same sex couples, people from many cultural backgrounds, it all seemed normal to […]

Sister Medusa Oblongata

    Contact Sister Medusa Oblongata  

Sister Glo Euro N’Wei

Sister Glo is an HIV educator and gay men’s health advocate. She is drawn to sparkly objects and believes that glitter and the transformative power of love in action are necessary to gay men’s health and wellness.   Contact Sister Glo Euro N’Wei

Sister Domine’ Trix

If you take the word Domine (which means teacher, or clergyman) and you add –trix (which makes it the female connected with a certain thing) you should get a female teacher or a female clergyman. But spoken it comes out Dominatrix (Dominator + -trix) and you get a dominant female partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.  […]

Sister Christiana Puregaëspella Metroform (Metro)

Cover Photo Credit: Jorchi Hernández Sister Metro arrived in Seattle in 2004 on the back of a Kosher apple truck. Armed with only a penetrating skeptic glare and a nose for charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, this fresh, rosy-cheeked nun soon found her way on Capitol Hill, arriving at the Abbey of St. Joan in mid-2009. […]

Sister Castaspella New, the Nun too Bewitched

…an excerpt from Sister Cass’s Book of Magic and Mystery! pg 69(of course) A spell to create a witch nun: Begin with a dream. Add good humor and wicked wit. Blend with lots of love and lots of laughter. Beat in some common sense and community awareness. Pour into a male mold and sprinkle with […]

Sister Bebe Jeebus

Welcome to an exciting episode of “Holy Cribs” Tonight we have Sister Bebe Jeebus of the not-so-Immaculate Manger. Some people think she was born in a barn. Pffft In the center of the room is the manger, the queen sized manger of love. In the corner are the beautiful things that represent Bebe. Glitter, for […]