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Sister Berna Bush

Hailing from the hills in the eastern-side of the Cascades, Bernadette Bush (Berna) grew up on the internet looking to the rainbow tinged city of the west, and under the watch of gaggles of Lesbians. After making scenes and dreaming big schemes, she gallivanted down to Portland, where she found this odd set of white-faced drag clowns. Befriending a few, she, a young professional lady of drinking joined them and elevated to Novice. After 10+ year journey through deserts, forests and liberal arts school: she is back, in Seattle, with her full-grown wimple. She is back to making scenes and dreaming big schemes.

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    Sister Pussywillow Wilchenot

    Equal parts glitter and dirt, Sister Pussywillow Wilchenot’s piercing gaze only means she’s not wearing her glasses.  She’s the smallest member, your work-a-day-genderfucking-fem-trans nun, and if you ask just right…well, just be careful what you ask for. She’ll probably give it to you.


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      Sister Nadia Ahnwilda


      Being raised in a progressive family, it took me several years to realize that the theory that people are people wasn’t a global view, just the one I had been raised with. My family had friends who were mixed race couples, same sex couples, people from many cultural backgrounds, it all seemed normal to me. When I met my soul mate, he came in the form of a gay man. We lived in a town that was not accepting of who he was and ran off to Seattle and Tacoma to go to the clubs where he could be who he was and just have a good time without worrying about what people there thought. Eventually, we moved to Seattle in the early 90’s, and frequently ran into the Sisters on the hill or went to Bingo the Sisters did, it was always fun and I loved the positive message they had.

      Several years later, I had a baby, and my friend had HIV. It was a learning experience, ups and downs, but 12 years later, when he left this realm, it left a huge hole in our hearts and lives. I felt a need to do something for others, to honor this man and try to make it better for others who felt they had to hide part of who they were in any way. About a year after he died, I had the chance to see the Sisters on a regular basis and it hit me that THIS was what I wanted to do! Becoming a Sister has felt like coming home, I love it, but the best part is I am here to tell YOU, you are amazing, special and I think you are perfect being who you are, where you are!


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        Sister Medusa Oblongata



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          Sister Lilith Faerie

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            Sister Glo Euro N’Wei

            Sister Glo is an HIV educator and gay men’s health advocate. She is drawn to sparkly objects and believes that glitter and the transformative power of love in action are necessary to gay men’s health and wellness.


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              Sister Domine’ Trix

              If you take the word Domine (which means teacher, or clergyman) and you add –trix (which makes it the female connected with a certain thing) you should get a female teacher or a female clergyman. But spoken it comes out Dominatrix (Dominator + -trix) and you get a dominant female partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.  This says a lot about me, and why I chose this name.  I am a teacher.  I am feminine.  I am dominant.  I am also more than the sum of my parts, and often I am misunderstood due to what people hear as opposed to the true meaning of my components.

              The message I would most like to get out to people…  Don’t take anyone on hearsay.  Take the time to get to know everyone you can.  We all have a lesson to teach, and sometimes life’s lessons come from very unexpected places.  Keep in mind we all come from unique backgrounds and perspectives, but we are all in this together.

              Also… Life is way too short for all of the self doubt, and self deprecation that we use to put ourselves in bondage.

              mmmm… bondage…

              I am maintaining my membership in ASJ, though I am currently a Missionary Sister spreading the word in NYC.


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                Sister Christiana Puregaëspella Metroform (Metro)

                Cover Photo Credit: Jorchi Hernández

                Sister Metro arrived in Seattle in 2004 on the back of a Kosher apple truck. Armed with only a piercing sceptic glare and a nose for charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, this fresh, rosy-cheeked nun soon found her way on Capitol Hill, arriving at the Abbey of St. Joan in mid-2009. At first charming and congenial, then wise and…ummm…penetrating, she soon became part of the Abbey, ministering to the LGBT and Latino communities with quiet charm and humor.

                 As Prioress, she serves as the president of the Abbey, and she is also currently serving as Mistress of Novices along with other titles within the Order.  This busy Nun sizes-up new recruits and instructs them with a firm but gentle hand, while leading events and ceremonies with jocular irreverence and severity.

                A denizen of exotic locales that serve strong drinks, hot men, and good conversation, she’ll switch from biting humor and ribaldry to patient kindness, indulging her flock’s need for a kind word or simply an attentive and non-judgmental ear. Partial to Otters, Capybaras, and Crows, but kind to all our Mother’s creatures, she’ll be sure to share a good story with a mischievous glint in her eye and spread Sister magic wherever she goes.


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                  Sister Castaspella New, the Nun too Bewitched

                  …an excerpt from Sister Cass’s Book of Magic and Mystery! pg 69(of course)

                  A spell to create a witch nun:

                  • Begin with a dream.
                  • Add good humor and wicked wit.
                  • Blend with lots of love and lots of laughter.
                  • Beat in some common sense and community awareness.
                  • Pour into a male mold and sprinkle with female intuition.
                  • Smother with magic, mysticism, sensuality and sex.
                  • Bake until larger than life, and that’s just the right size.
                  • Now sit back and watch as she rises to the occasion.

                  Beware, this formula has been known to enchant and embrace all walks of life.  She may just cast a spell on YOU.


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                  Sister Bebe Jeebus

                  Welcome to an exciting episode of “Holy Cribs”

                  Tonight we have Sister Bebe Jeebus of the not-so-Immaculate Manger. Some people think she was born in a barn. Pffft

                  In the center of the room is the manger, the queen sized manger of love.

                  In the corner are the beautiful things that represent Bebe.

                  Glitter, for shining the golden ray of the sun even in the dark.

                  White face: a symbol and reflection of the love and acceptance around her

                  Condoms: for safety and an expression of love and respect of others

                  “If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.” – Margaret Weis


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