Active Fully Professed Sisters

Sister Diana Nirvana

13 Powers of a Nun

1- Tie a knot and say the words

The beginning of a worldwide organization originated in 1979 that brought forth young men to cross dress in habits from the musical Sound Of Music

2- or hand on head – the blessing conferred

To put on the white face as a confessional, to give the community a chance to convey their heart of hearts, and have an empathetic ear. That is there for them in the time they need and community holds dear the expiation of their guilt and allowing them to truly feel joy.

3- A Witch can give success in love

To help people have self-love, freedom to enjoy other intimately, and the tools such as a condom to do it ethically.

4- Curse or Bless through Goddess above

To help shed light on social issues that are present in the current times, the ones that need to be addressed, and have resolution to help hold up the community, that is in need for equality, and have their prerogatives be heard.

5- Speak to beasts and spirits alike

The catalyst for inclusion of all faiths, that is like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly, to the sky for each and every human, that we smile at as we walk on by.

6- Command the Weather

Sisters are like the water, fluid and ready to go with the flow for someone or cause in need, the fire that gives warmth in the form of hugs also the huge heart for others, the wind that is the voice of the community that needs to have aid in getting stuff done, and the earth that is here to grow roots in the soil of community’s to help them to thrive.

7- Cast out a blight

To help join the forces of one nun with the energy of others to go out and do the work or a group of nuns that charge forth to answer bacon calls.

8- Read the heavens and stars of the night

Help guide people in the journey to be a nun. When the calling comes to someone, they observe the Sisters doing the work. Learn the ropes of putting on face as a postulant and find someone to mentor them. Get a voice to help educate in their novice stage. Then, do a project that corresponds to the mission of the Sisters. To become a Fully Professed Sister, in body, mind, and spirit.

9- Divine the future

Help others with a vision for a better tomorrow and to help the community find joy, through blessings, and also glitter for some that shows the light of them touched by the Devine spirit of a Nun.

10- Give good advice

Offer aid to people with terminal illness. Giving them some smiles, an ear that is there to listen, and a chance to take a deep breath to ease the suffering.

11- Conjure Treasure and bring fortune to bear

Go to events to raise money for many nonprofits. Get the community to enjoy the art of giving. People that need money then are grateful receivers of the bounty brought forth by the community. It is the karmic flow of philanthropy.

12- Heal the sick

Give resources to people who have STDs and STIs to feel better, education about them, and a chance to cure some of them. Give nonprofits, money to help give quality one-on-one treatment, and other resources to the suffering community member.

13- Kill Despair

In the day-to-day struggle of the world. Sisters bring a smile to someone that needs some joy. A hug to someone that needs closeness. They are there to help shift the negative paradigm of the world. One person, step, dollar, event, and manifestation at a time. It takes a village of Nuns to help many. More smiles and less frowns!

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