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Sister Bebe Jeebus

Welcome to an exciting episode of “Holy Cribs” Tonight we have Sister Bebe Jeebus of the not-so-Immaculate Manger. Some people think she was born in a barn. Pffft In the center of the room is the manger, the queen sized manger of love. In the corner are the beautiful things that represent Bebe. Glitter, for […]

Sister Babylon Anon

“Sister Babylon Anon. aka Father Devlin Sodomy, Gilda Lily and Gloria Holy Left San Jose as soon as she realized where she was. She picked up many tricks along the way (beauty secrets of course) and left behind several broken hearts. As a Rocky Horror addicted teen she encountered the Nuns in lashes and lipstick […]

Sister Anna Waywego

I started my journey with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in 2007 as many do – seeing the good work they do, the joy and positive energy they spread, and all the wonderful progressive non-profits they raise funds for. It did not take me long to see how significant, deep, and profound the impact the […]

Sister Anja Knees

“Well hello.  I’m Sister Anja Knees, previously God Neptune’s head mistress.  I came to the Sisters in 2001 as Guard Boy Kraven until I one day felt The Calling and became Sister Tantra Q. Phoria, w/Sis. Lotus A Bowl as my Big Sister. I joined because I’d felt a need for connection with my LGBT […]

Sister Amoré Flagellare

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away… there was a young freckled face kid that called a small town in Florida home. This kid eventually made the very long journey to Seattle and within a few years of being lost in the bar scene of Capital Hill… a deep calling for […]