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Sister Rolanda Kahndom

If you’ll recall, way back in July of 2009, there was a large explosion at the local condom factory, caused by a glitter truck running a red light…  A glittery being came out of the mess in rubbery fabulousness! Baby Kahndom was born, and soon she found herself suckling from the glittery tits of the […]

Sister Paddlemé Tooshie

Spank and Tickle from Sister Paddleme’ Tooshie I have beleaguered the Seattle Sisters with my presence for the past decade or so. I know it seems like a lifetime- -it has! My life before was dark and tortuous. For some reason Uncle Sam thought my feathered eyelashes didn’t fit under the “good order and discipline” […]

Sister Oblivia Neutron Bomb

Rhodes Scholar and skilled in the rare art of toilet paper corsage roses…  

Sister Nova Gyna

Hello friends, I wanted to take a moment to tell you the reason I wanted to become part of the Sisters of perpetual Indulgence. long story short I was divorced and openly gay and very happy. Something was missing, I had a calling on my heart to make a difference, to be a smile to […]

Sister Naga Baba Ganesh

One of our founding Sisters and choosen as our “Abbess for Life”.  

Sister Nadia Ahnwilda

  Being raised in a progressive family, it took me several years to realize that the theory that people are people wasn’t a global view, just the one I had been raised with. My family had friends who were mixed race couples, same sex couples, people from many cultural backgrounds, it all seemed normal to […]

Sister Medusa Oblongata

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