Active Board Deaconess (Treasurer) Fully Professed Mistress of UNPC Sisters

Sister Paddlemé Tooshie

Spank and Tickle from Sister Paddleme’ Tooshie

I have beleaguered the Seattle Sisters with my presence for the past decade or so. I know it seems like a lifetime- -it has! My life before was dark and tortuous. For some reason Uncle Sam thought my feathered eyelashes didn’t fit under the “good order and discipline” of the United States Navy. Fine! I kept the “discipline” and went to another “order.”

I love being a servant of Seattle through the Abbey of Saint Joan. I get so much joy from talking and sharing with others. My mission has changed over the years. It has now evolved into; I want you to see you from my eyes. You are so beautiful and you deserve to make smart choices with your body.

May you be blessed with love, joy and a little mischief.

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