Active Fully Professed Sisters

Sister Rolanda Kahndom

If you’ll recall, way back in July of 2009, there was a large explosion at the local condom factory, caused by a glitter truck running a red light…  A glittery being came out of the mess in rubbery fabulousness! Baby Kahndom was born, and soon she found herself suckling from the glittery tits of the Sisters (Isabella Ringing, Amore Flagellare and Edith Moorecock). They took her under their veils and filled her with their love and light in the sparkly way each of them could.

Now that glittery being is a full grown Sister. She spreads love, glitter and rubbery condom-goodness throughout the community with a smile (and some lube!). If you see her out, please feel free to walk right up and get a world-class Kahndom hug from her! It’s one of her specialties! And, if you have questions about condoms and their use (that being her other specialty), ask her about that, too! She’ll even give FREE DEMO’s! All YOU have to do is supply the ‘instrument’ and she will take care of you!  She is just that kind of a Sister.

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