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Sister Sonata Innocent

Sr. Sonata proudly joins a long line Sisters who face the world tits-out and beauty-strong! Gender is such a loosey-goosey thing. Don’t cha think? (It is for Sonata!) Butch, femme, innocent and, well, not so innocent are all wrapped up in one package.

Sonata first encountered the San Francisco Sisters at the national Bi conference in 1995 (yes! They have one of those!) as she joined the leadership of BiNet USA. Little did she know that her attraction to fun, pretty things would be her redemption in years to come.

For years she in her work. She wandered the deep dark forests of hate, abuse, torture, disease and death. She gave witness to the terrible and unjust things that happen in this world. She organized and mobilized to make a difference. She was certain that she was on her way to living sainthood! …until she burned herself out.

Poor little Sonata grew weary of carrying the World on her shoulders. Like the Giving Tree, she had nothing left to offer the Planet…or so she thought. Her path brought her to Seattle. There, she hoped to find healing & happiness among the trees & mountains – and with a couple of happy little munchkins.

Her simple, but powerful manifesto was posted on FB. Her mission was to gather joyful experiences. Then, by a series of lucky events, she found the sisters again in the form of ASL teachers at the Cuff. What? Who knew that serving her fellow beings could be so much fun and so glittery all at the same time? Becoming a sister was just the medicine she needed.

Now Sonata spends her days and nights finding her inner beauty and manifesting love, joy and glitter. She is currently on a mission across the US to gather more experiences and reflect them back to the Universe. Look for her glittery broach in the night sky!  (If that doesn’t work for you just check out Facebook for her latest coordinates.)

Favorite links:

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  • Amnesty International
  • Al-Fatiha
  • National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce
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