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Sister Paddleme’ Tooshie answers the HARD questions. S.Seaman asked – (Great name by the way.  I think I chose to answer this question based on your name.)   “I’m here in Seattle, and I’m just finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. A lot of grad schools require me to have volunteer or work experience […]

What was in that salad?

by Sister Bertha Christ Dear sisters, I’m a 19 year old gay boy from podunk, BFE. I just found out that I have Hepatitis A. I got it from a one night stand who I went home with while I was drunk. The problem is, I have a boyfriend. I don’t want to pass it […]

Afraid to ask, but…

With Sister Isabella Ringing Why do some men who are long time HIV survivors have sunken in cheeks while others who have had HIV for just as long do not? Signed, “Curious but afraid to ask”   Dear Curious, Thanks for your question.  First of all, let’s put a clinical name on those sunken cheeks. […]