Active Fully Professed Sisters

Sister Dinah Douche

“Sister Dinah Douche of the Immaculate Colonic” – Now with Soft, Flexible Comfortip. (patent pending)

Use for occasional expiation of stigmatic guilt and promulgation of your universal joy.

Rectal Use Only

With steady pressure, gently insert Sister Dinah Douche of the Immaculate Colonic into your rectum with a slight side-to-side movement with the tip pointing to your navel. Insertion may be easier if you bear down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus and your guilt.

Do not force Dinah into rectum, as this will rip you to shreds!

Squeeze Dinah until all her love is inside you. It is not necessary to empty Dinah completely, as she has more love than needed.

For best results, insert and remove Dinah repeatedly (100-200 times), maintain your position until Dinah’s urge to evacuate is strong (usually 1-5 minutes).

Ask a doctor before using Dinah if you:

  • are a “total top”
  • have an irrational fear of clowns
  • are allergic to grease paint or glitter
  • or the smell of balls in pantyhose is a turnoff to you


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