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“The Clap” – It isn’t about applause

By Sister Ophelia Onassis   I was talking to a dear friend the other day about my work as a Sister and our efforts to educate our community about safer sex. In a moment of insight, he noted that much is said today about HIV and AIDS prevention, but wondered about prevention information for all […]

Got the Munchies…?

 An oral report by Sister Anja Knees   Hello love! I’m Sister Anja Knees, and I’m here to talk about oral sex! Now, I’m not going to reveal any amazing secrets of bj’s and munch fests. See me later for extra credit. I am, however, going to talk about the do’s and shouldn’t’s when it […]

Pass the butter, Sister Paddleme’ has CRABS!

By Sister Paddleme’ Tooshie When I was a small nun I had frequent talks of sex and venereal diseases (that is what we called them at the time) with my mother and my grandmother. This is probably what warped me. One of my favorite talks was over a delightful lunch. I think I was a […]

AIDS 101

Keep yourself education, keep yourself safe Courtesy of Sister Eva Destruction Recently the news has been all abuzz with the advances in HIV research.  I was going to direct this sermon towards that topic, but when I started perusing the internets, discussion threads and such that were dedicated to all these current events, I noticed […]

Friar Stogie’s abridged “Play for Pain 101 ½”

Friar Stogie’s abridged “Play for Pain 101 ½”   After another successful BSDM Rectory event at the Monastery, my email box has been jammed full of questions from my parishioners.  As Rector, I will indulge and publicly release this month’s lesson. To be a Friar in this monastery, all candidates must have the basic knowledge […]

Sister Diana’s guide to catch Syphilis (and sharing it with friends)

By Sister Diana Nirvana   What is the Syphilis? It’s not an ancient Egyptian snake God, or a Harry Potter character… the Syphilis never appeared on Buffy, and you can’t find it, you know, like Jesus. In fact, without a microscope, you can’t find it at all: the Syphilis must be hunted down by its […]