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Sister Domine’ Trix

If you take the word Domine (which means teacher, or clergyman) and you add –trix (which makes it the female connected with a certain thing) you should get a female teacher or a female clergyman. But spoken it comes out Dominatrix (Dominator + -trix) and you get a dominant female partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.  This says a lot about me, and why I chose this name.  I am a teacher.  I am feminine.  I am dominant.  I am also more than the sum of my parts, and often I am misunderstood due to what people hear as opposed to the true meaning of my components.

The message I would most like to get out to people…  Don’t take anyone on hearsay.  Take the time to get to know everyone you can.  We all have a lesson to teach, and sometimes life’s lessons come from very unexpected places.  Keep in mind we all come from unique backgrounds and perspectives, but we are all in this together.

Also… Life is way too short for all of the self doubt, and self deprecation that we use to put ourselves in bondage.

mmmm… bondage…

I am maintaining my membership in ASJ, though I am currently a Missionary Sister spreading the word in NYC.


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