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Sister Anja Knees

“Well hello.  I’m Sister Anja Knees, previously God Neptune’s head mistress.  I came to the Sisters in 2001 as Guard Boy Kraven until I one day felt The Calling and became Sister Tantra Q. Phoria, w/Sis. Lotus A Bowl as my Big Sister.

I joined because I’d felt a need for connection with my LGBT Family, which as a shy little manlet I wasn’t very good at. Seeing the Sisters connect with mostly everyone, I had to be involved. Learning of the good work that the Sisters devote themselves to, I saw it as my chance to give back to humankind.  I’m a better person because of it.

As a Sister I’m ever-evolving. Likewise, spiritually I lock my soul under no one belief system. It’s all the same to me when looking underneath the rules, dogma and developed customs. It’s Love, pure and simple.”

— Sister Anja Knees

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