Fully Professed On-leave Sisters

Sister Ivanna Manda Lei

Sister Ivanna Manda Lei here darlings! I was born in a small outpost in Eastern Washington and was quickly shipped off to the nearest convent where the Reverend Mother took me under her wing.

After growing up and following the Reverend Mother’s teachings, I realized I needed to strike out and see what the world outside the convent held for me. Many years of searching, struggling and wanting to give back to my community, brought me to the doors of the Abbey of St. Joan. In February 2003, I started my Sister journey where Sister Daya Reckoning and Sister Scarlet O’Hairy were my mentoring sisters.

Through their mentoring, as well as all of my other Abbey Sisters, they prepared me to serve my community with a humble heart, outrageous style and to bring fun to all I encounter. May you always be a gift to yourself and those around you!

UPDATE: The Abbey is excited to announce that Sister Ivanna Manda Lei is now an official member of The Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Abbey of St. Gertrude De Nivelles!