Pillow Fight

What happens when you ask your friends to stay up way past their bedtimes and come party in their PJs? We decided to find out by hosting the Pillow Fight Pajama Party at the Cuff Complex and invited YOU to join us.

This was a blast of an event that brought together the community to raise funds (and pillows!) for the Orion Center.  The evening’s festivities included a 50/50 raffle, drawings for raffle prizes, a hopping dance floor, and even a coat/clothes check where people could leave their street clothes to change into their comfy jammies and PAR-TAY!

Throughout the night, hundreds of dollars were raised for the Center, as well as 34 brand-new pillows, which went to the 7 residences in the YouthCare network. The Orion Center provides many wonderful services to homeless youth in the Seattle area, including a drop-in program complete with showers, laundry facilities and meals, and is a part of the YouthCare Network, which provides case management, educational services, residence programs, and more check them out at Youth Care.