Nuns of Steel III

We work hard, We Play HARD!

And the Sisters did.

WOW! What a night. The sinners confessed their sins – The penance stations for redemption were full and the bottoms were wanting and willing to be paddled; or simply flogged by a Nun… All were definitely sore the next day.

The Sisters even went so far as to go that extra step to see how much change can be thrown in a bucket. Attached to a part of the body that doesn’t usually have hundreds of dollars of loose change collected.

Comment received from one of the patrons:

“I was finally able to loosen up and break though some barriers I have had, and was able to relax and let my guard down and not worry about what others think.”

Then they asked, when the Sisters were going to do it again.

It was truly a night of naughty frolicking.

The best part is, all proceeds are to benefit Strength Over Speed (SOS), a grassroots, all volunteer community based project whose mission is to help gay and bisexual men maintain recovery from crystal meth addiction.