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Sister Edith Moorecock


  • 06-10-06 – Aspirant… Here we go!
  • 08-13-06 – Postulant… Goth ‘nun! (no lips)
  • 11-19-06 – Novice… Hey Haye! (I can speak!)
  • 10-07-07 – Fully Professed… O M G! (my journey just really began…)

Nun Calling?

I remember running around in a cape… oddly draped like a veil.  Hmmmmm.  (Mom thought it was cute.)  Later, in Catholic school, the nun’s seemed to have cause to always beating me with rulers.  Alter boys  🙂  Priests in long robes  🙂  Choirs  🙂  Big, beefy, red head, FATHER…  Yummmmy

My first experience with Sisters stirred these memories.  Standing against the wall, watching Sisters burst into the bar. Lovingly attacking US wallflowers (thinking we were sheltered) requesting donations, stirrings of guilty feelings, offering fun-loving molestations, and pushing boundaries.  I was stunned.

They scared the hell out of me.  (Dawnna –your fangs made me nervous…)  Ya’ll were fun, funny, HUGE clowns, and loving agents-for-change.

And yet, I kept thinking  ‘is there a chance’ that I could ever  be a Sister?    (It took a couple years and lots of patience. Thank you -Babylon- for not giving up on me.)


  • Sponsor :  Sister Babylon Anon — Once I was afraid…  I was petrified…
  • Big Sister :   Sister Ivanna Mande Lei           We both are really headstrong aren’t we?!?!?!

Sister Name?

There were several…  until a Sister stated it should be something relevant and personal.   The fun names drifted away.  My partner turned, with a single raised eyebrow, stating,  ‘Edith’  ‘Edith Moorecock’.

Thought I heard bells and trumpets…  saw bright heavenly beams of light from above…   and suddenly it stuck.   (Perhaps ya’ gotta ‘know’ me…)

Oh…  then I remembered to re-adjust my tarnished and crooked halo on the way to go new knee pads!


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