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Sister Demanda Morehead



I wanted to help my community. We live in a time of labels. If you do this or that or act this way, it does not have anything to do with the rare unique individual you are. While on the topic of labels let me introduce you to my label; I m the Mistress of Crap, (no seriously) crap! While these may seem offensive to some labels don’t hurt or bother me. While some labels are more preferred than others, this one is descriptive of the position. In that capacity I am assigned to take care of the crap. In other words, I get things done. And I always get it done with precision and maximum efficiency, which makes me a very appreciated asset to the Abbey of St. Joan. How do you like me now??? If you have labels that bother you then take Sister Demand’s challenge and re-frame it to the positive, inspirational and clearly unique individual you are. If Demanda can do it and so can you. Remember what Ru Paul slays the first verse of “Sissy That Walk as follows:

[Verse 1]
Pick myself up, turn the world on its head
Don’t forget what, don’t forget what my momma said
People talking (ish), since the beginning of time
Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.

Love ya Ru and thank you for that sound advice.

So listen to Demnda and positively re-frame those those labels. As Ru also says, pay them bitches no mind. If you need help spinning or re-framing to the positive ask any Sister to help you. We are here for you!

Love light and glitter kisses everywhere.
Sister Demanda Morehead, you favorite can do Mistress of Crap, The Abbey of St. Joan.



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