Fully Professed On-leave Sisters

Sister Stella Standing

I first met the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence many years ago and over the years I kept running into one Sister in particular, Sister O. Sister O took the time to teach me what the Sisters were, and she also had a good ear for a troubled kid like me. Sister O was even at my commitment ceremony in 2004 with Sister Titty Titty Gang Bang. I have to tell you that the look on my fathers face when he met Sister O was priceless. The next July My husband and I went to the anniversary party for the Sisters at the cuff and we talked to Sister Lotus A Bowl, and that is when it hit me, I wanted to be a Sister. So the next meeting was my first.

During my journey to becoming a full professed Sister within the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Abbey of St. Joan I found out that I was HIV Positive. This was a very difficult time in my life, but I found my community and my Sisters stood beside me and held my hand. It was because of this experience that I found my true calling to be a Sister.  There are many more people out there just like me that did not have the support I did, so I have made it a part of who I am to make sure that no one feels that they are alone because of this disease. That they did nothing wrong and that they are good people.  My name is Sister Stella Standing and I am still here to fight for you and let you know that you deserve to be loved.


“Fighting for what is right is never wrong, do not let anyone deter us from our goal of equality” SSS


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