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Every July, for The Abbey’s anniversary, we give out thousands of dollars in grants to charitable organizations in Washington state. That’s right, the money we raise with your help goes directly back to fund grass roots programs whose focus is to improve and strengthen the GLBTQ community.


Applications for our 2017 grant cycle are now being accepted!



It’s actually very simple, all you will need is here.

The Sisters have worked hard to raise money for many worthy community charities in Washington state, you might as well try to cash in on the good fortune…

If you have any problems and need to contact the Grants Committee, click HERE (not the whole sentence, just the word ‘here’…if that’s a challenge, then you probably really do need help with this…)


Please do not contact the Grants Committee to request an update on your application, try to sell us anything, or ask for more time. You may, however, use the email address to share recipes, tell us how wonderful we are, or send scantily clad photos of your executive director (keep in mind that this will in no way influence our decision–we’ll just have a really good laugh about the whole thing.)

…and most important, THANK YOU for all that you do! Its with each other’s help that we can make our community stronger. Good luck.



Fundraising for our 2017 Granting Fund is still underway! All year long we produce special events to raise money for the fund. We also participate in fundraising opportunities offered by businesses and other organizations in our community, as well as accepting direct donations from individual community members like YOU! if you’d like to donate to our Granting Fund please click the link below.

Every dollar you give to the Sisters is a dollar for your community — help make it stronger!


Donate Today!

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