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Sister Lita Stogie of the Moaning Sisal / Friar Stogie of the Eternal Soaken Briquette

Friar Stogie of the  Eternal Soaken Briquette was born and raised in America’s Finest City of San Diego in 2005 along with his paternal twin sister – Sister Lita Stogie of the Moaning Sisal. At the beginning, Sister Lita took the reins of the two personas in assisting the others (11 Sisters and 2 guards) […]

Sister Stella Standing

I first met the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence many years ago and over the years I kept running into one Sister in particular, Sister O. Sister O took the time to teach me what the Sisters were, and she also had a good ear for a troubled kid like me. Sister O was even at […]

Sister Oblivia Neutron Bomb

Rhodes Scholar and skilled in the rare art of toilet paper corsage roses…  

Sister Nova Gyna

Hello friends, I wanted to take a moment to tell you the reason I wanted to become part of the Sisters of perpetual Indulgence. long story short I was divorced and openly gay and very happy. Something was missing, I had a calling on my heart to make a difference, to be a smile to […]

Sister Naga Baba Ganesh

One of our founding Sisters and choosen as our “Abbess for Life”.  

Sister Maria Caffeina Mocha Latté

One of the founding Sisters of the Abbey of St. Joan  

Sister Kitten Kaboodle

One of the oldest and most loved Sisters of the Abbey of St. Joan.

Sister Ivanna Manda Lei

Sister Ivanna Manda Lei here darlings! I was born in a small outpost in Eastern Washington and was quickly shipped off to the nearest convent where the Reverend Mother took me under her wing. After growing up and following the Reverend Mother’s teachings, I realized I needed to strike out and see what the world […]

Sister Isabella Ringing

I was standing in a crowded bar, surrounded by hundreds of people, and I felt completely alone in the world… …when I first met the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Two larger than life Nuns in white face crossed the bar and greeted me, carrying with them an atmosphere of joy and unconditional acceptance. Their brief […]

Sister Bertha Christ

Sister Bertha was originally dubbed “Saint Queen Bitch” when the Abbey of St. Joan was first formed, she later heeded her calling to become a Sister. Currently on hiatus, she still makes her presence felt with timely advice and support for the house’s activities.