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Sister VixXxen

My mission within the Sisterhood falls under the “queer rights and visibility” section of our mission statement. I have dedicated my life to bringing hope to those who have none, mainly the opressed G/B/L/T/Q/! community. I use my voice and charm to combat racism and bigotry, having faced it all my life. I am a […]

Sister Titty Titty Gang Bang

The reason I am a Sister…….When I was seventeen I met a wonderful man named Richard. We laughed, we danced, we loved. A part of me died the day he told me he was sick. I lost another part of myself the he died. Not one day has gone by that I don’t stop to […]

Sister Lita Stogie of the Moaning Sisal / Friar Stogie of the Eternal Soaken Briquette

Friar Stogie of the  Eternal Soaken Briquette was born and raised in America’s Finest City of San Diego in 2005 along with his paternal twin sister – Sister Lita Stogie of the Moaning Sisal. At the beginning, Sister Lita took the reins of the two personas in assisting the others (11 Sisters and 2 guards) […]

Sister Stella Standing

I first met the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence many years ago and over the years I kept running into one Sister in particular, Sister O. Sister O took the time to teach me what the Sisters were, and she also had a good ear for a troubled kid like me. Sister O was even at […]

Sister Sonata Innocent

Sr. Sonata proudly joins a long line Sisters who face the world tits-out and beauty-strong! Gender is such a loosey-goosey thing. Don’t cha think? (It is for Sonata!) Butch, femme, innocent and, well, not so innocent are all wrapped up in one package. Sonata first encountered the San Francisco Sisters at the national Bi conference […]